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"The act of bringing to life"

Humans have tried to convey movement to bring a story to life since they were painting on caves, drawing multiple legs on animals to try and tell the story of the hunt.

Things have come a long way since, but the principle remains. If you want to grab interest in your hunt for customers and move people, then use movement.

At MB we have both the creative and illustrative ability to imagine and design animated ideas, worlds and characters, and the technical ability to bring them to life in a professional manner. This means we can produce initial storyboards, character creations and creative concepts and then take them right through to full production and fulfilment. Our animation services have been used for online advertising, TV advertising, 3D environments, corporate presentations, tutorials and video virals, ranging in style from 3D photo-realistic to illustrative.

The techniques we use depend on the output medium and range from Flash and HTML5 to After Effects and Cinema 4D, but one thing is constant; all projects start with some inspiration and a pencil on paper.

In a world where you increasingly have to entertain a media savvy audience just to be seen, the uses for 3D animation are only increasing.

Now, the only real limit is what we can imagine together. Or as someone in animation once said; "To Infinity and beyond!"

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