Digital experiences

The power of a DXP

We know that each of your customers is unique and their digital journeys are personal. The power of a DXP (Digital Experience Platform) helps us to blueprint these pathways and create highly individualised multi-channel experiences that engage your audience and see you reach your objectives.

DXP’s provide a way of joining all digital marketing activity into one platform that will deliver an enhanced customer experience and provide efficiencies to you and your team.

Visual representation of Milton Bayer's DXP

Key features of a DXP

  • Customer journey management
  • Content delivery and orchestration
  • Customer data management
  • Content management
  • Customisable workflows
  • Personalisation 
  • Analytics and optimisation
  • Multi-site solutions
  • Security and access control
  • Multi-channel support

Powerful products

Cloud Platform

Optimised, scalable, secure hosting for building, launching and managing applications


A true hybrid CMS that supports high-code, low-code and no-code builds for non technical teams

Site Builder

A low-code visual page builder which allows anyone within your business to create and manage digital content

Site Manager

A best-in-class multi-site management system that provides a single place to manage all of your digital experiences

Campaign Studio

Build personalised campaigns across multiple channels to engage your customers in a timely, relevant manner

Campaign Manager

Create a far-reaching, unified experience across all of your customer touchpoints with pinpoint precision and control

Digital Asset Management

Control all of your brand and campaign assets to ensure consistency with a centralised, cloud-based library

Product Information Management

Assemble and manage product content with agility and ease across digital channels and experiences.

How it could work for you

To find out more about the power of DXP’s and how they can work for you, get in touch for an informal chat