We’ve been doing it for over 17 years, since the early days of email marketing. Since then we’ve established a best practice that makes sure our emails reach the inbox, display correctly on all devices and deliver an outstanding ROI.

For us, the important part in eCRM is the ‘C’ - the customer or recipient. All of our eCRM programmes put the recipient first. We start with preference centres that store data in a secure and GDPR compliant way and that allow users to keep their marketing preferences up-to-date. This allows us to then segment data intelligently so we can be targeted and personalised. We carefully select subject lines and deliver engaging and innovative content to maximise open and click-through rates.

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How we make a difference

Our eCRM programmes deliver outstanding ROI levels, as well as pushing the boundaries of what's possible within email. We understand its limits but refuse to be restricted by them - we're always striving to give the recipient more and more reasons to open and click. There's a taste of what we can do below and you can get in touch to see how we can help you.


As with everything we do, understanding what you want to achieve and setting out a plan of how to get there is the starting point for everything that comes next. We’ve worked with clients from different industries to help them plan out their eCRM strategy so that it delivers. We take the time to understand your audience, then map out different customer/user journeys, automating as much as possible, allowing you to engage your audience in a relevant and meaningful way, driving loyalty and ultimately revenue. It doesn’t end there, we use a monitor and improve approach that means we track recipients behaviour against targets and constantly improve specific emails to enhance their experience and deliver better results.

Preference centres

It’s all about data and how you use it - we prefer laser accurate precision rather than a scattergun approach. A preference centre allows your customers and prospects to tell you what they want to hear about, how they want to receive it, when and at what frequency, meaning what you send them is extremely relevant and highly personalised - leading to more opens and more click-throughs.

We use preference centres in different ways; for some clients we link them to data held their existing eCRM platforms, for others we build them as part of a website, as part of a single sign on approach that allows even greater data collection, segmentation and personalisation.

Marketing automation

In the past eCRM could be time consuming and a drain on resource, one email could easily take a whole week which is a lot of investment for any business. Automating this process means that emails can be triggered by a user’s interactions with your website or previous emails. The content of the automated emails are specific to their behaviour too, meaning they can act as a prompt to book or buy something they have viewed or as a reminder to purchase items left in their basket.

The benefit is that all this activity can be set up to work without any drain on resource - freeing up time to plan where you want to take your eCRM or digital marketing to next.

GDPR compliant data

Everything that we do to deliver the above is done making sure all data usage is GDPR compliant. We never email un-opted in recipients, implied opt in is simply a no-no. Our preference centres are a secure storage for all data collected that time stamps opt ins and records all interactions for each record should it ever be needed.

We work with clients who want their programmes to be GDPR compliant and are already working with opted in data and those who have data and need direction on how they can and can’t use it.

Innovative content

We look to add dynamic and innovative content into emails wherever possible - it increases engagement and encourages click-throughs. With the amount of differing email clients across different devices, great care must be given to make sure that the content displays, if not, that there is a fallback in place. That’s why we have a tried and tested process of planning, implementing and testing to make sure that however the recipient is viewing the email, what they see works.


Expanding bandwidths and 4G and 5G networks mean we can add video into emails more than ever before. We understand the difficulties that come with it and make sure that if video isn’t supported there is a back up so the recipient always see something. 


It’s a fact that personalisation within email gets better results. Personal salutations are a given, we take things to the next level by delivering personalised and behavioural content including dynamic copy, imagery, video and animation.


Interactive quizzes that sit within the email and allow users to answer questions, predict scores or even spot the ball that then unlock access to campaign landing pages. Again, we know where they do and don’t work, so we always make sure there’s a back up option.

milton bayer ecrm agile countdown

Countdown timers

Countdown timers are used to create urgency and get recipients to click through to book or buy. They can be created as animations that run on a loop or we can create them so they work in real-time so every time the user opens the email more time has passed.

milton bayer ecrm agile hotspots


Hotspots are an excellent way to create impact and engage users. By creating a striking hero image, hotspots can be used to reveal panels containing more information or prices - perfect for retail and product launches.

ecrm example - animation


Whether creating maximum impact with a hero animation or subtly drawing attention to a key article or product - it’s all about balance. Our design team create a range of animations to engage the recipient and encourage click-throughs in key areas.

milton bayer ecrm agile feeds


By creating feeds within email our clients can pull in activity from social channels or even from their website. It allows fresh content to be shown each time the email is opened - even down to showing weather forecasts for upcoming events.

Who we do it for

We’re proud to work with these brands to deliver industry leading emails. For some we offer an end-to-end service from brief to broadcast, others we offer strategic and technical support to help them get the most from their programme or system.


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