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Standard Chartered is a global bank with a network across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The project was to rebuild their global website which needed to reflect their core values and effectively communicate with their global audience.

The challenge

We started working with Standard Chartered when their project was already well underway, designs were complete and they needed a development partner to work on the build of the site. The deadline was tight and the end product needed to be not only accessible and relevant to the global audience, but also user friendly for the Standard Chartered teams around the world so they could create their own pages through an intuitive CMS.

The solution

We worked with the Standard Chartered team in the UK to rationalise the UX of the designs and build the site using a component library system. This meant that CMS users had the flexibility to choose from a large selection of components that would best fit their content and then this content would be presented in an on-brand and consistent way. We also introduced subtle animations and transitions to enhance the user experience without detracting from the delivery of content. 

The site has been live for nearly two years and we are still working with Standard Chartered to provide daily maintenance and constant enhancements to the site. We also work with multiple global teams to help deliver campaign pages and microsites that sit within the framework.

Standard Chartered global website showcase image

The results

The new website improved the following areas:

  • Enables the user to subscribe to newsletters, something that the previous website did not offer
  • It is responsive and component built which makes it very versatile for the CMS users to easily create their own page and content
  • It houses campaigns and microsites making it the corporate umbrella that can be a go to site for all the latest info regarding the corporate affairs side of business for Standard Chartered

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Oscar Warren, Digital Manager, Standard Chartered

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