Unlocking on-site revenue for a Premier League team

wolves ux nav visual

247% increase in onsite revenue.

Wolves needed to drive increased traffic to revenue generating areas of their site and asked us to review the site navigation and make recommendations.

wolves ux nav visuals before and after
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The challenge

Improve the user interface and drive increased revenue without major changes to the site structure and incurring large development costs.

wolves ux desktop nav updates
wolves ux mobile nav updates

The solution

We undertook an In-depth, cross platform review and analysis of traffic and user behaviour with a focus on optimising the conversion funnel and improving the overall user experience. We implemented a Mega Nav with an improved taxonomy that allowed us to easily direct users to club shop.

"Milton Bayer’s down to earth approach, UX review process and focus on data-driven recommendations has paid huge dividends, resulting in an optimised conversion funnel and an increase in revenue of almost 250%"

Head of Digital
Wolverhampton Wanderers FC



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