Secure encompasses our hosting, maintenance and security services. We take great pride in the work we produce so making sure it has a secure and stable home and that it’s constantly monitored is essential.

We use one of the industry leaders in Cloud hosting for all of our site and application environments - our DevOps team are AWS certified architects. The team are involved from the planning stage of a project to make sure they scope the environment to suit the product we are proposing. They’re then involved throughout the project path and crucially at launch to make sure the site is stable when switched to its live environment. They then monitor all the sites we host to make sure they remain stable and secure.

Stability and reliability

Through our planning process we make sure the environment we are building suits the project. Partnering with AWS means that we offer a hosting solution that offers maximum up-time. We constantly monitor our platforms and have alerts in place that means we can address any issues quickly on the rare occasion something occurs.


Security matters to you and to the user, therefore it's extremely important to us. That’s why we focus on security throughout the build process, as well as when the code is on the environment on which it’s hosted. Once a site is live we constantly monitor and update it to make sure the site and its data remain secure against ever-changing security threats.

Performance and scalability

Our hosting service means that our servers can scale up or down based on demand, using auto scaling and elastic load balancing. This means that if a new campaign goes live, the website will cope - 24/7. So even if you’re not working, you can rest assured that your website will be.


Due to its nature there is only so much detail we can go into, if you would like to find out more or to or see how we can help you, get in touch.

Our Secure service is powerful on its own, but exceptional when used with our Web and eCRM services.

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