Quite simply, websites and web applications that are created for the people who are going to use them. Obvious, right? We find that with multiple client stakeholders, agency teams, personal agendas and egos that this can often be forgotten.

Our process is based on decades of experience and starts with making sure the objective and scope is set from the start so everyone understands the end goal. Once that’s in place we utilise UX/UI, design and animation techniques to bring the plans to life - ensuring we are creating an engaging and intuitive experience. A methodical build and a thorough and robust testing procedure results in sites that create plenty of “ooh’s and ahh’s” as well as lots of “that works well!”.

We use multiple frameworks including Magento, Wordpress and our team are Acquia certified Drupal 8 developers.


How we do it

We have a tried and tested process that makes sure the foundations are set from the start and that we use the best method to suit the project. Every digital project is different, so our experienced team make sure the approach we take matches the project's requirement, so that we can successfully deliver on time, on brief and on budget.


This stage is about discovery. It starts with collaboration with the client to understand their needs and what their objectives are. A scope of work is written and dissected internally by the UX & design, development and project management teams. We then plan the entire project out so you know exactly what you’ll get, how much it will cost and how long it will take.


We start this early. We identify possible hurdles at the start of the project so that development and QA teams are aware before any coding begins. When code is produced, it’s done so it matches the test criteria to ensure that it passes at the QA stage.

UX & Design

We believe in the best model to fit the project. It could be a UX designer locked away in a dark room with a pen and a pad or a UX team in a design sprint with client stakeholders (with plenty of post-it notes). We follow this stage with desktop, tablet and mobile wireframes and prototypes to test user journeys before we move into full template designs and animations.


A secure, scalable platform. We use the industry leading provider as our hosting partner, so our websites and applications are stable, secure and are able to cope with increasing levels of traffic automatically. Our DevOps team set up the server environments for the development team to work on and the live environment for the website or application for when the site is launched.


A structured build against detailed plans. Again, the best development tool to fit the project. A functional spec and testing plan are the backdrop to the build phase, where our development team take the approved designs and turn them into a fully functioning website or application.


Testing from all angles. Once the build is complete, we undertake functional, usability, interface, performance, compatibility and security testing - basically everything to make sure the site will perform when it’s in its live environment. Testing is performed by dedicated testers, developers, UX, designers and project managers to make sure the site meets all team members expectations.


The exciting part! Once the client approval is received our DevOps team complete final checks and switch the development environment to live. They then constantly monitor and update the platform and application to make sure the site is stable, secure and offers maximum up-time.

Some of our recent work

We’re proud to work with some excellent brands and we’re also proud of the work we produce with them. Here’s a few of our recent projects, get in touch to find out more.


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